Dental Anxiety/Sedation

Dental Anxiety/Desensitization

Dr. Pivor and the team are experienced in providing treatment for those patients suffering from dental anxiety or phobia. We will take the time to address all of your needs and concerns about a visit to the dental office. We are happy to offer a number of solutions to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible. All patients are welcome to enjoy our noise-canceling headphones to listen to music while their dental procedure is completed.

Desensitization is a psychological process we use to help you overcome your fear of dental treatment. We gradually introduce you to procedures in the gentlest manner, to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and initiating a panic attack.


Oral sedatives can be given to you the night before a dental procedure or one hour prior to your visit depending upon the severity of your anxiety. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), in addition to local anesthetics, may be used during your treatment to ensure your comfort.